Chapter 5. Administration

Table of Contents

Participant Registration
Print / Export Reports
Committee Management
Awards Management
School Management
Judging Management
Manage Judging Teams
Manage Judging Team Members
Manage Judging Timeslots
Assign Timeslots to Judging Teams
Assign Projects to Teams
Judging automatic scheduler
Translation Management
Enter Winning Projects
Communication (Send Emails)

After you've fully configured SFIAB, you are ready to start 'administering' the system. Login as a committee member, and click on the "Fair Administration" button on the left side. All of the information in this section is intended to be used to 'run the fair'.

Participant Registration

The Participant Registration section allows you to enter the forms that you have received from the participants into the fair. This is the final step of the registraiton process and marks their registration as 'comlete'. You can also view the current registration list, and some helpful statistics. The list can be filtered on the various statuses, such as 'new', 'complete', 'paymentpending', etc.