Awards Management

The awards manaagement section allows you to create all of the awards that you will give out to the participants for the fair. You can create divisional awards, special awards, grand awards, etc. All awards must have a sponsor. In most cases, the 'Divisional Awards' are sponsored by the science fair committee itself. So the first thing you should do in this section is add a sponsor for the committee.

You can add awards individually through the 'Awards' link, however, there is an automated way to add all of the divisional awards (eg, "Junior - Life Sciences"). In order to use the "Create divisional awards for all divisions & categories' link, you will first need to setup the 'default prize template'. This specifies which prizes will be added to every divisional award that is auto-created. For example, prizes are commonly "Gold", "Silver", "Bronze" and "Honourable Mention". Once you specify these defaults, you can create the divisional awards for all divisions & categories. You will need to select the sponsor, as well as confirm the prizes that will be created.