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Server Requirements / Hosting

Server Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements required to host a SFIAB system on your own server(s).

Web Server

Database Server

Recommended Server OS

Usage Requirements

Hosting Service -

Not all science fairs have access to their own web/database hosting server, or not all servers meet the requirements above. Also, hosting a SFIAB system is extremely seasonal. For the several months leading up to, and the month of the fair the system will be used quite heavily and generate a lot of bandwidth. But in the other 7-8 months of the year the usage will be minimal, such as people looking up past winners or getting general information about the fair.

For these reasons, Lightbox Technologies has created a Dedicated SFIAB Hosting and Support platform designed to meet your needs!

It is free to signup and get your own SFIAB install. When you are ready to use SFIAB for real, it is easy to switch to a hosting plan from with the Dedicated Hosting Site. (

Youth Science Foundation (YSF) Affiliated Regions in Canada can access SFIAB by logging into the YSF Registration System as a Regional Coordinator, and clicking the "SFIAB Hosting" tab. YSF Affiliated Regions are also welcome (and encouraged) to register at for a support package.